MAISON DE STARS Bernard Campan a “hermit far from Paris”: his family refuge near the forest

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Social life, life surrounded by bankable Parisian actors… Very little for him! As he celebrates his 66th birthday this Thursday, April 4, Bernard Campan accepts it: what he prefers, outside of cinema, is to return to his “hermit” life, far from Paris. A life that he adopted when he bought a house, almost 30 years ago, and which he still likes as much…

MAISON DE STARS Bernard Campan a “hermit far from Paris”: his family refuge near the forest

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Of the three members of Les Inconnus, he is surely the most discreet: yet very present in the cinema (he has just reunited with his accomplice Isabelle Carré in a new film, And maybe morein theaters this April 3), Bernard Campan is not the type to go to celebrity parties, or to run the red carpets. And accepts it without any problem: by his own admission, and that of his partner in his new film… it's “a hermit's life” which he has been leading for several decades.

Of course, the actor doesn't live in the heart of nature… but would almost think about it: “I live near the Rambouillet forest. And like my character in And more if affinities, I am a homebody, a bit of a bear, I hate learning at the last moment that there are guests in the house“, he notably confided to Gala this week during a cross-interview with the 52 year old actressher too “hermit” And “rarely“out of his apartment.

A special life, far from social evenings, adopted a long time ago: as he has already confided in several interviews, it was almost 30 years ago that he and his wife Anne found their refuge, a house where they still live today. Their two daughters, Loan (25 years old) and Nina (21 years old) do they still live with them?

Our life with the children, far from Paris, suits us perfectly“, explained Anne in particular during a very rare interview given to Paris Match in 2009. Recounting that she has to take care of the house, “located in the countryside“, and children when her husband is filming, she seemed very happy to lead this life far from social evenings, she who has been faced with alcoholism.

A strong couple

A life which also seems to correspond to Bernard Campan who quickly confided on this point in The weather, already three years ago. “We have lived in Yvelines for thirty years, near the Rambouillet forest“, he told our colleagues. Without further details… The couple values ​​their discretion!

And holds on, despite the years: “There is no 'secret', no instructions. You must already have the chance to meet the right person, with whom you will be able to build. Afterwards, everything remains to be done. You have to know how to question yourself and, above all, communicate, say when things aren't going well, when you don't agree.“, confided the accomplice of Didier Bourdon and Pascal Légitimus about his lover in Gala. A beautiful story, in a refuge just for them!

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