Departure of Jarry: Who to replace the host at the head of “Everyone wants to take their place”? Nagui responds in “C l’hebdo”

It was the media information that stood out this week. Aurélie Casse and its columnists received, Saturday April 6 in “C the weekly“, the lawyer Didier Seban, the diver Alexis Jandard, the screenwriter of cult comedies Danièle Thompson, the singer Emilie Simon, and the journalists Laurent Valdiguié and Ronan Folgoas.

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“Leïla Kaddour would do it so well”

Nagui, who was also invited on the weekly France 5 talk show to promote the 10th anniversary of “La Bande Originale” on France Inter, was asked a crucial question during his interview. Aurélie Casse thus launched: “You also animated “Everyone wants to take its place” and made its success from 2006 to 2021. The comedian Jarry, who currently hosts it, announced this week that he was going to stop…“. To respond to these comments, the star of “Don’t forget the lyrics” confided: “Leïla Kaddour would do it so well, she would do it so well, she would do it so well. But I swear to you“.

While the photos of Cyril Féraud, Valérie Damidot, Bruno Guillon, Leila KaddourAgathe Lecaron, as well as Olivier Minne, journalist Aurélie Casse said: “Exactly, we had our little transfer window. We proposed several faces, and we included Leïla Kaddour because we too had thought about it. Who would you see? Leïla Kaddour in number 1? Would a woman be good?“.

To answer him, Nagui explained: “There are only people who know how to be on air and in this case Bruno Guillon and Olivier Minne both host a game which is successful. Like Cyril Féraud! Valérie Damidot, I'm not sure she wants to host a game. Or maybe I missed one of her statements. Agathe for me is more about infotainment than gaming. It's a real gymnastics to present a game. I'm thinking of Sidonie Bonnec, who was a journalist, and who presents “Everyone has their say” alongside 'Olivier Minne. And it's a real exercise“.

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Finally, the strong man of prime-time access for France 2 concluded on the subject of Jarry : “He told me that in October. He told me: “I’ll stop in June, I’ll do a year and I’ll stop.” Honestly, I was a little surprised… In any case, and that only adds to its merit, it's a job, games host is a job. There are those who know, those who would like and those who don't know. But it's really something very special.”.

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