Gérard Miller accused of rape: “It’s not the…”, Christophe Alevêque defends him with very strange arguments

Friday February 23, the Paris prosecutor's office announced that it had opened an investigation against Gerard Miller. Six reports for “rape and sexual assault, sometimes against minor victims” had been made against the 75-year-old psychoanalyst and columnist, who defended himself in a letter published by the press at the end of January. He argued “to have the conviction of having never forced anyone”.

Friday April 5, comedian and columnist Christophe Alevêque was Jordan's guest on C8. Two months after this affair broke out, he spoke about his former colleague from The gang at Ruquier, defending him in a very personal way. “If all this turns out to be true, yes obviously, I’m shocked”he started by saying.

Christophe Alevêque: ” If it is true… “

But according to him, the idea that Gerard Miller would be an aggressor is inconceivable. His friend would be too polite to rape! “He is a courteous man, kind to women. When we started to mess around a little, he was the one to temporize us! »he hastened to point out.

If it is common knowledge that sexual attackers are not necessarily dark and unpleasant men, but that on the contrary they sometimes know how to appear in seductive aspects, Christophe Alevêque seems to ignore this. “But still, Christine Bravo said he was a bit flirty? » Jordan sought to know. “Yes, but anyway, it’s not… I have…” stammered the guest on set.

“It won’t mean anything, it’s nothing!” »

Faced with Jordan's insistent questions, Christophe Alevêque deployed an argument that was unstoppable in his eyes: “I know some guys who are flirty, do you want a list? That doesn’t mean anything, it’s nothing (…) It’s not the worst I’ve seen! »

As a reminder, although the psychoanalyst remains presumed innocent, he is today accused by more than 67 women of sexual violence or sexual assault. Some testify to having found themselves in hypnosis sessions in his office, naked or in a kimono, the psychoanalyst preparing to commit acts on them to which they had not consented.

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