“I suffered”, the host retains a bitter taste from the start of her romance

Sophie Davant spoke in the show Télé: ton univers merciless and spoke in complete transparency about the beginnings of her romance with William Leymergie, her ex-collaborator on Télématin with whom she worked for more than 20 years.

Sophie Davant pursues a career as a radio presenter on Europe 1 (Sophie & friends) and on television on France 3 (In good company). The one who preferred to let go of the reins of the show Deal done for the benefit of Julia Vignali Last year saw a parallel romance with William Leymergie about which she was kind enough to express herself as she had rarely done so far. Indeed, theex-partner of Pierre Sled shares the life of his former collaborator Telematin for several months and wanted to remain secret about it for a long time, until she spoke in TV: your merciless universebroadcast on Saturday April 6 on C8.

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While Vincent Lagaf showed himself cash on the amount of his retirement pension in the show which saw several hosts including Jean-Pierre Foucault and Benjamin Castaldi, Sophie Davant literally opened her heart. At first she remembered a man “not funny“and who had, moreover, “doesn’t seem nice”. “And then, the alchemy worked. We went to have breakfasts, to eat steaks at 9 a.m. in a bistro opposite Antenne 2 (formerly France 2), and then we became very close friendsshe admitted, before explaining how the switch was made years later, behind the scenes of France Televisions.

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Sophie Davant regrets having been unmasked

Nicolas and Valentine's mother revealed that William Leymergie called her “little sister” from the time they worked together, and they always had “the same way of seeing this profession”. “We had the same reactions. I learned a lot alongside him”, she added, full of praise for the host who is 17 years her senior. Sophie Davant also estimated “that he had both this fantasy, this journalistic rigor, this elegance – never rude – and then this third-degree humor” who made him so popular until he left France Televisions to join the teams of C8 and present the show William at noon!. It was 2017!

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It's because they saw the profession in the way they are. “became very close”. From there a great story of friendship was born: “He saw my children born, then we saw each other a lot outside of work”she recalled in TV: your merciless universe, before sharing their difficulties in considering that once in a relationship their intimacy would be made public. Both would have preferred that their love story could remain secret longer. At least, that's what Sophie Davant wanted to say in front of the camera C8. It's never pleasant when you didn't choose to communicate and your privacy is stolen. Of course I suffered from it. My loved ones sufferedshe insisted, speaking of “rape” for her “a close duo who often found themselves on the front page of the celebrity press against their will”.

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Géry Leymergie following in his father's footsteps

Sophie Davant explains it in part by the discretion of her companion and his reserve. “William is very modest, there are few people who enter into his family privacy, me yes. That’s it”she concluded, without saying more about the character of the man who currently shares her life.

For his part, William Leymergie first married the stylist and sculptor Maryline Robin in 1975, with whom he had three children named Géry, Sacha and Anna. It died out four years ago now. The eldest also followed in his father's footsteps since he also became a television presenter within the teams of Disney Channel And France 5and made appearances in the Morning Café on M6 afterwards. Finally, Géry Leymergie became director of programs BBC France after a stint at France 2.

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