Gourcuff, return to football confirmed!

If his father has retired and if he himself has moved away from the world of football, Yoann Gourcuff sees his son Maël taking over on the pitch.

Discreet about her family life, except when it comes to posting a photo of her two dogs Dolmen and Bella, Karine Ferri deviated from her habits by publishing, on Saturday, a photo of her eldest son, Maël . The occasion was too good for the TF1 host: her eldest was in fact celebrating his eighth birthday.

“April 6, 2024, a special awakening for us and especially for you my Love. We wish you a wonderful birthday. Eight years already… We love you more than the world”, she wrote on Instagram to accompany a photo of her boy, from behind. With his cap screwed on his head, Maël appears in football gear, with a jersey printed with his first and last name: “Gourcuff Maël”.

“Above all, I want him to have fun”

After his grandfather Christian Gourcuff, whose playing career was quite modest but among the most prominent coaches of the last twenty years, and especially his father Yoann Gourcuff, once presented as the new Zidane, little Maël would walk- he in their footsteps. The former French international spoke last year about his son's first steps in football.

“After my career ended, I didn’t touch a ball for several years. There, I go back to playing in the garden with my son. We make shots, we alternate the role of goalkeeper and attacker. I also accompany him to his training sessions and matches, in the role of the dad who watches him grow”had confided the former Bordeaux resident, before specifying: “Above all, I want him to have fun and have fun with his friends. »

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