Violent clash between Jean-Marc Morandini and Didier Maïsto: “How can you say that there is no link between Bordeaux, Viry-Châtillon and Montpellier? The link is religion but you are afraid to say it! ” – VIDEO

This Friday morning live on CNews in “Morandini Live”, in the middle of the broadcast, the tone rose somewhat between Jean-Marc Morandini and Didier Maïsto. It all started when the latter declared: “The question is that we serves as a social fact, an individual fact, to launch controversies.”

And to continue, regarding the video of the young veiled woman attacking the manager of a store in Strasbourg who, since then, has received death threats: “We don't know what's going on in the head of this young girl, who obviously has her spiritual reasons.”And to continue: “The question is to know why she is trying to create a buzz, is she really looking for a job? Is she having fun or provokes? Is there a problem with the Islamization of the country which raises a certain number of questions, that's clear. But we must not take a fact and blow it out of proportion…”

Before being cut off by Jean-Marc Morandini: “Did you see the week we had? All these people who were beaten because they didn't respect Ramadan? People beaten, others killed. .. In Bordeaux in particular. It annoys me to hear that we take isolated facts. We don't take isolated facts, they are facts which follow one another and which all have the same link!”

And Didier Maïsto clarified: “They don’t all have the same link between these facts, no!”

Before being cut off by Jean-Marc Morandini: “Oh good? This young girl beaten in Montpellier because she does not wear the veil, in Bordeaux someone who is killed because he drinks while we are Ramadan, …”

The former boss of Sud Radio and journalist then responded: “Sometimes we move a little quickly, sometimes it’s just private matters.”

“Are these facts not only linked to religion!?”, asked Jean-Marc Morandini.

“Because we bring them together!”, replied Didier Maïsto.

“You are missing the point! You want to deny reality! How is that possible, especially as the former boss of Sud Radio!” then launched the presenter, leaving room for a heated debate. invites you to discover this high-tension debate which lasted several minutes

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