“It has to calm down”: Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, parents of 2 daughters tired of the adventure at the Oscars in Anatomy of a Fall

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Winning the Oscar for best screenplay, Justine Triet and Arthur Harari would have had difficulty believing it a few years ago. “Anatomy of a Fall,” which they wrote together, showed them that they could go far. An immense adventure that Arthur Harari talks about in “ELLE”, but which does not prevent them from keeping their heads on their shoulders. Their daughters are there for that.

“It has to calm down”: Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, parents of 2 daughters tired of the adventure at the Oscars in Anatomy of a Fall

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Justine Triet had a wonderful adventure with her feature film Anatomy of a Fall. A success in theaters, around the world – the film has already attracted more than 400,000 spectators in China – and in the heart of the industry. A favorite of film critics, he won the Césars but also the Oscars. The feature film won the precious César for best original screenplay. A statuette that she shares with her companion, Arthur Harari, since he co-wrote this work with her. In ELLE magazine, the man who is also a talented actor noticed in The Goldman Trial returned to the crazy journey of the film but also its repercussions within their family.

Let it be said, Anatomy of a Fall is not inspired by the couple formed by Justine Triet and Arthur Harari. However, the film is inspired by questions, as Arthur Harari explains in ELLE: “we share the issues: how to live as a couple when we each have a form of artistic ambition, what place do the children take, what do we feel like we are sacrificing? And, more broadly, the question of the ego in the couple, which is very modern.”

A couple who have two children whom they take care of equally: “We have a fairly equal organization in fact, since we take turns. For the moment it has never happened that we film at the same time, that would be impossible.” Girls, with whom they shared the crazy adventure of the Oscars. Despite the joy for the parents, the artistic and media whirlwind is not easy for their offspring. “The little one, what she understands most is when we're not there. It was hard, especially at the end. The older one is aware of everything, I think she is proud but also drunk. We feel that things need to calm down“, confides Arthur Harari to the women's magazine.

Sincere as much as he is an accomplice with his beloved, he who does not take offense at being nicknamed Monsieur Triet – “Maybe I need to change my name!” – Arthur Harari no longer holds back from making a film together, given the success they had with Anatomy of a Fall.

Find the full interview in the magazine SHE from April 11, 2024

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