William and Kate empty their wallets for their son George of Cambridge: discover the colossal price of his education

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Nothing is too good for your children. As for little George of Cambridge, his parents spared no expense in providing him with an education worthy of a future king. Prince William and Kate Middleton are preparing to pay a staggering sum for their eldest child.

William and Kate empty their wallets for their son George of Cambridge: discover the colossal price of his education

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Born July 22, 2013, the prince George of Cambridge will go to the establishment Eton College when he turns 13 in 2026, as decided by his father, Prince William and his mother, Kate Middleton. An extremely prestigious school reserved for boys founded by Henri IV in 1440.

Welcoming only students aged 13 to 18, this establishment costs almost 15,432 pounds sterling per semester (a little over 18,000 euros) – the term “semester” meaning “trimester” and three terms in the school year. The tuition fees of this prestigious school which covers no less than 650 hectares of land and which counts among its former students David Cameron, Boris Johnson and George Osborne, but also Princess Diana's father, Edward Spencer and his brother Charles, therefore amount to 46,296 pounds sterling per year (nearly 54,000 Euro per year). If Prince George remains in this establishment for his entire education, his parents will have to pay nearly 325,000 euros.

According to Dailymail, Eton College was not Kate Middleton's first choice at all. “Kate has long disagreed with her husband about sending her son so far from their home, even though it's tradition“, said a source, “Kate believes that sending him to such a stuffy and posh institution goes against all efforts to modernize the monarchy. Plus, she will miss George desperately“. This same source claimed that Kate had “finally gave in” on the question of George's enrollment at Eton College after recognizing that his eldest son wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father who himself attended this college, just like Harry.

Kate Middleton will accompany George for his entrance test

Students usually enroll at Eton when they turn 13, and it is understood that Kate has scrapped a planned visit to Singapore next year to be by George's side when he takes the exam. 'entrance. This is a verbal and mental reasoning test lasting more than two hours.

As a reminder, George is currently attending Lambrook, a co-educational preparatory school located a few minutes from home, with his sister, the Princess Charlotteaged eight, and her brother, the Prince Louisaged five.

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