“I slap you”: Christine Angot never digested Laurent Baffie’s words

On April 12, Christine Angot published an article in Release. The writer, whose film A family has been visible in theaters since March 20, 2024, returned to an altercation she had with Laurent Baffie in Everybody talks about itin 2000, at the time when the comedian was a “snipper” on Thierry Ardisson’s show.

From a feminist point of view, was the 2000s a sacrificed decade? In any case, at the time, television was the place where everyone, but especially men, could boast of “being able to say everything”. Christine Angot particularly remembered this time when she was invited to Thierry Ardisson's house. It was the first time she was hosted by an influential host. “I remember saying to my editor, 'Am I fashionable or what?' »she remembered.

Christine Angot: “I’m trying to answer…”

But the satisfaction of finally getting some light on his work quickly gave way to disappointment. On set, Thierry Ardisson, surrounded by his sidekick Laurent Bafie and Linda Hardy, read the negative press reviews and the connotations of the press against the writer's book on the incest of which she was a victim by her father. “I’m trying to answer.”, recontextualizes Christine in Libération. This attempt at a response failed. “Baffie yells, ‘Christine, I’m talking. You listen to me or I'll slap you! »

The writer never forgot this moment. On April 11, Emmanuel Macron decorated Thierry Ardisson with the Legion of Honor, saying he was honoring “fifty years of television and creations”. For the writer, this decoration is a second slap in the face. She wrote in her column: “Thierry Ardisson received the Legion of Honor on April 11 from the President of the Republic. It's a slap in the face. »

“It’s the slap in the face”

For her, if times have indeed changed and society is less tolerant of sexist comments, the authors of these comments have remained stuck in the past. “We changed eras, except for them, they didn’t change eras”she insists.

And if the disappointment and shock are so great, it is because they are equal to the feeling of betrayal. “It’s a slap all the more powerful because it resembles that of the father. (…) It is the slap of the protective father, in whom you trusted, and who beats you”wrote the artist.

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