IN PRIVATE WITH Elie Semoun found love at 60, the actor in a relationship talks about his new partner!

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Passionate about singing, Douze coups de midi and Jul's discography, he dreams of participating in Fort Boyard despite his phobia of snakes and Father Fouras. His secret ambition? Discover what is hidden behind the mystery curtain of Bataille et Fontaine to sing there in a quartet. The truth is at the end of the corridor…

His character, Professor Latouche, marries Mademoiselle Rateau in the film “Ducobu goes green”. And Elie Semoun in all this? The actor is not necessarily ready to return to town hall… but he has found love!

Elie Semoun in the Purepeople show, “In private with…” © Purepeople

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Ecology and lovethese are undoubtedly the two fundamental pillars of the new film byElie Semoun, Ducobu goes green. In this fifth opus of the saga, the young dunce from the comics of Godi and Zidrou decides to take a sabbatical to escape school but also save planet Earth. Meanwhile, Professor Latouche prepares his wedding with his dear and tender Mademoiselle Rateau… this could well give the filmmaker ideas.

Very discreet about his love life, especially about the mother of his son Antoine – they were married from 1996 to 2002 -, Elie Semoun is however no longer a heart to be taken. This is what the 60-year-old actor revealed while he was on the show In Private with… of Purepeople and that it lent itself to the game of a classified ad like at the time. “I'm not looking for love, I found itexplained the director and actor. But think of those who are alone, think of Mikeline, who is a die-hard single. And for her, I only have one thing to say to you: thank you.”

No more details about his new partner. Neither about him, nor about their meeting for that matter. One thing is certain, they must not have used social networks to seal their first date. And yet, Elie Semoun gets flirted with quite regularly, especially on Instagram. “Of course, obviously. When I was single I answered. Now I no longer answer what, that's ithe replies mischievously. And it blocks me a little because I don't know who is writing to me, I don't know if it's a joke, I don't know if it's a set-up. I'm not very paranoid but deep down, quickly, I prefer reality to virtuality. There is so much spoofing on the Internet, and then it's all fake. I hope it's a human being who writes but you can say anything, you can pretend to be anyone… so it's not great.”

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