David Hallyday married to a fan? Swindled, Roselyne fell for it and paid a crazy amount

Roselyne had planned everything for her marriage to David Hallyday. But the happiest day of her life ultimately turned into a nightmare for this nurse…

David Hallyday made a name for himself in the media… despite himself. The reason ? His marriage to a fan is causing a buzz! A very unconventional idyll, however. If Roselyne was preparing to say “yes” for life to the 57-year-old singer, he knew nothing about it. A beautiful and sad scam…

Accounts blocked due to Johnny's inheritance affair

It all started a year ago. Roselyne receives a message on social networks. The individual claims to be David Hallyday. “He came to talk to me and told me it was the real one and it started like that”recounted this nurse to the cameras of 66 Minutes on M6 Sunday April 14. The discussion begins. Roselyne is touched by the exchanges with the so-called singer, of whom she is a fan – so much so that she does not realize that it is actually a fake account.

The tandem exchanges for several days, without ever meeting. David Hallyday will invoke his desire to “discretion”. They talk about marriage. For the ceremony which must take place in the summer of 2023, the location is symbolic: the church of Loconville, in Oise. This is where Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday – David Hallyday's parents – were married in 1965. “back to basics” according to her fiancé. Then the man behind his computer takes the next step: he asks Roselyne for money. “He explains to me that with his father's inheritance, his accounts were blockedshe explains. He was asking me for financial help so he could unfreeze his account and get the money back to pay me back and live our life together.” And because she wants to believe in this love, Roselyne complies. The start of an infernal spiral…

Roselyne wonders: “How could I have been fooled like that?”

The scammer multiplies the touching messages. Roselyne is touched. In total, this nurse will pay the sum of 40,000 euros, without ever having met him. Looking back, she finds it hard to believe it. “It touches you, it takes your heart!, she lamented to 66 Minutes. For me, he destroyed a huge part of my life. I still ask myself the question: how could I have been fooled like that? It was before the wedding that she realized what was going on. “It was someone who pretended to be David Hallyday and had promised me great things”she concluded.

Victim of a feelings scam, she is not the only one: the number of cases has doubled in recent years according to M6. On the private side, David Hallyday is not in a relationship with Roselyne but with a certain Alexandra Pastor. Together they have a son, Cameron Hallyday. Previously he was married to Estelle Lefébure with whom he had two daughters: Ilona Smet and Emma Smet. An intimate life yet spread all over the Web…

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