Cannes 2024: Pierre Garnier and Lénie (Star Academy), the underside of a settling of scores


Pierre Garnier had the honor of being invited to the side events of the Cannes Film Festival

One of his statements was strongly criticized by an Internet user

Lénie stepped up to defend him


The big winner of the last season of the star Academy had stay in mind with the release of his very first single: Those we were. And it is with his second single in his bags that Pierre Garnier attended the events organized on the sidelines of the Cannes Film Festival.

But before walking the corridors of the very select film festival in the south of France, Pierre Garnier performed in concerts across the whole of France. He was not (yet) alone, but accompanied by his friends and former classmates from the star Academyon the occasion of the famous Star Academy Tour.

But fame and success very often rhyme with criticisms and barbs launched by the public, particularly on social networks. The 22-year-old singer recently paid the price!

An Internet user tackles Pierre Garnier

Pierre Garnier had the honor of being invited this year to one of the events that took place on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival. During a promotional evening organized by a major ice cream brand, journalist Leslie Benaroch sees him pass in front of her, and says: “ Pierre, a fashion point?! », so that he details the references of the outfit he chose to wear that evening. Leslie Benaroch continues by telling him that she loves the colorful jacket he is wearing.

The singer, clearly surprised by the journalist's sudden question, gives her the details of the marks on his outfit. But for an Internet user, his answer does not work. The latter explains in a TikTok video: “ It made me pain. Leslie Benaroch, she does a fashion update, she does fashion updates with all the celebrities, so Pierre Garnier has to say what he's wearing. He’s wearing Isabel Marrant pants, the brand of the jacket, I don’t remember.”

The Internet user then adds: “ But what struck me was that he said that underneath his jacket he was wearing a Uniqlo t-shirt and that it was a bit shame. Wearing a Uniqlo t-shirt isn't shameful, it's what a lot of people wear, a lot of young people.”

Lénie steps up to the plate and defends Pierre Garnier

After verification, Pierre Garnier does not say that wearing this brand is “ shame “, but rather than his t-shirt “ do not go », as evidenced by Leslie Benaroch’s video, published on TikTok. Faced with this distortion of the facts, on the part of the young Internet user, Lénie steps up to the plate. Her friend and former comrade from Dammarie-les-Lys then declared: “ Ohlalalaaaa tiring pffffff ».

We must believe that the former academicians of the last season remain united whatever happens ! A beautiful proof of friendship, which does not let itself be weighed down by their very recent fame! Moreover, Pierre Garnier finally caused a sensation, by taking the time to sing a song during the organized event. He presented his new single to the audience present, We know.

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