Amanda Lear, her experimental method to fight against aging: “I take it every morning…”


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Amanda Lear is performing in the play “L'Argent de la bleue”, from February 1 to April 21, 2024, at the Théâtre libre de Paris. An actress who never let her age dictate her life.

Amanda Lear, her experimental method to fight against aging: “I take it every morning…”

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After delighting Prime Video subscribers, in the series Escort Boys, Amanda Lear is back on stage. She plays a detestable billionaire, on the stages of the Théâtre libre, in Old woman's money, adapted from the film by Luigi Comencini. Playing an elderly and cantankerous person… that's very enjoyable for the actress, who has more or less left the mystery surrounding her date of birth hovering for so long.

Would his age be a taboo? “No wayassures Amanda Lear in the columns of the newspaper The Parisian. We're making a big mess, Amanda Lear We don't know his age, but go look at my Social Security file, I've never hidden my age. It excites people… Well, the more people talk about me, the better: it fills the theater.“The passage of time does not actually prevent him from enjoying life. Especially since Salvador Dali's muse has its own little techniques to reduce the signs of aging.

Amanda Lear refuses cosmetic surgery but…

A surgical intervention between two shoots? Certainly not ! “I never do a faceliftshe explains to the magazine Gala. I'm too afraid of surgery. You can send a doctor to look for scars, and he won't find any. But I'm in contact with Dr. Sinclair, from Harvard, an aging specialist who works on molecules that stop the process. There's NMN, resveratrol… I take it every morning and it's incredible, I've stopped aging. I have an energy that I didn't have seven or eight years ago.”

She will be appearing in the film very soon. Retirement home 2, by Claude Zidi Jr. So playing with your age, your generation, is absolutely not a problem. What upsets Amanda Lear? Her friends wholament“continually about this:”'It's terrible, my husband left me for someone younger…' But so much the better, good riddance! You have alimony, you just have to find yourself a gigolo and go to Miami. You can even wear an apple green miniskirt if you like. To grow old is to be free. It has even become trendy, as proven by the fashion that is so popular with senior models today…

Find the interview with Amanda Lear in the magazine Gala and in the newspaper The Parisian from February 1, 2024.

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