Amanda Lear silences rumors around her age

Amanda Lear enjoys seeing all the mystery surrounding her age. More in shape than ever, the actress is using multiple methods to slow down aging and stay in shape. She reveals some of her secrets.

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Amanda Lear will not retire after all. On February 14, she will be starring in the new film by Kev Adams, Retirement home 2, while she is currently playing a loathsome billionaire at the Théâtre Libre in Paris until April 21, 2024. The play Old woman's money is a play adapted from the Italian film by Luigi Cimencini, where she plays the main role. “I don't play the role of an old woman because I am an old woman, but because the role interests me. I could play Marilyn Monroethey would put a wig on me in that case… It has nothing to do with age”she explains to our colleagues at Parisian. Amanda Lear's age has always been a big mysteryeven if she assures not to be at the origin of the many rumors.

“Go look at my Social Security record!”says Amanda Lear

“We're making a big fuss, 'Amanda Lear, we don't know her age', but go look at my Social Security record, I've never hidden it, my age”assures Salvador Dali's ex-musewho does not reveal his year of birth. “People, it excites them, but it’s journalistic stuff, it creates a buzz… Well, the more people talk about me, the better : it fills the theater…she adds with humor and she is quite proud to have had to be aged by the make-up artists for her role in Retirement home 2. “It is true that between Liliane Rovere And Marthe Villalongawho are both 91 years old, I almost looked like a young girl with Chantal Ladesouexplains Amanda Lear amused.

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Amanda Lear and her “new energy”

If Amanda Lear claims to have never had cosmetic surgery, she does everything necessary to avoid aging. My body understands that aging is a disease, let it be cured. Our body is a beautiful machine. Well maintained, it should be able to function for a hundred years. When we understood that, we had a completely different attitude.”, she assures. And for that, she found the solution. “I am in contact with Doctor Sinclair, from Harvard, a specialist in aging who works on molecules that stop the process (…) I have an energy that I did not have seven or eight years ago”confides Amanda Lear to our colleagues at Galamore energetic than ever.

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