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Two days after his appointment in place of Elisabeth Borne at Matignon, Gabriel Attal revealed, through Alexis Kohler, secretary general of the Elysée, part of his government. To everyone's surprise, he poached Rachida Dati Republicans to replace Rima Abdul-Malak at the Ministry of Culture.

“This may seem baroque…”

The former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy was the guest of the France Inter morning show on Wednesday January 31. Nicolas Demorand did not hesitate to point out that she was a listener “assiduous” from the first radio in France. “It may seem baroque, but you know the grid by heart”, he told her. A remark that the main interested party could not stand…

The one who had a big clash with Patrick Cohen in C to you criticized Nicolas Demorand for his sectarianism. “You see Nicolas Demorand, your sectarianism… Why baroque?!”, she got annoyed. While Léa Salamé defended her comrade, the new Minister of Culture lost her temper: “Why is this surprising? What surprises you? What was my life built on? By public broadcasting! Radio, we didn't have television!”.

Rachida Dati makes fun of Léa Salamé on France Inter

She then justified her interest in public service radio. “I love France Inter and I'll tell you why. Because it's one of the rare radio stations where the hosts are not the stars of the schedule. It's the program that is the star of the schedule!”hammered the one who was amused by her exclusion from the LR. She then did not hesitate to make fun of Léa Salamé, whom the public can find every Saturday evening in What era on France 2.

“I know, you're a star. Because I see you a bit like that…”she blurted out to the host who made a huge blunder against Philippe Lacheau. What she reacted to: “Well no, you’re right. I’m very, very, happy that you said that!”. Rachida Dati did not hide her surprise to have such a response from her interlocutor…

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