The Agency (TMC): Martin Kretz married to Eve Von Romberg, very well known in the industry!


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On television, nothing escapes him, from entertainment programs like Top Chef or Koh-Lanta, to more serious ones like television news or debate shows, nothing escapes him. In short, everything related to the small screen and the media is his domain.

In the Kretz family, we ask for the eldest, Martin. One of the stars of “The Agency”, a reality series broadcast on TMC, has been in perfect love for many years with his wife Eve Von Romberg, who appears on screen. And if his face speaks to some, it is not without reason. Indeed, the young woman is not just anyone!

Martin Kretz reunites with his wife Eve Von Romberg, renowned architect and decorator, in “L'Agence”, on TMC. © TMC

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While they founded their family real estate agency in their superb house in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), the Kretzes have distinguished themselves since 2020 in The Agency, a series during which they present incredible goods but also part of their private lives. This is how parents Sandrine and Olivier share their desires for elsewhere, in particular to settle in Brazil, that Valentin talks about his difficulties in having a second child with his beautiful Charina or that Martin appears happier than ever in the arms of his beautiful Eve. But who is it that capsizes the heart of the eldest of the Kretz family?

Martin Kretz married to his beautiful Eve in front of the cameras of L'Agence

Eve Von Romberg and Martin Kretz have been in perfect love for many years. But it was only in 2020 that the couple celebrated their wedding. An event which took place in Loix, on the Ile de Ré, and which was filmed by Netflix cameras and broadcast in the first season of The Agency. Together, lovers have two children : a boy named Marius and a girl called Rosa. If viewers already knew them together, Martin Kretz briefly mentioned their meeting in the podcast Power Torquerevealing that they knew each other “about ten years ago thanks to a friend“. And since then, they have never left each other.

The Agency: Martin Kretz real estate agent, Eve Von Romberg architect and decorator

If Martin Kretz is a real estate agent, you don't have to look far to find Eve Von Romberg's profession. The charming young woman is an interior designer. She graduated from the Paris Belleville school of architecture and worked in the design office of Christian Liaigre, a well-known decorator and standard-bearer of minimalism, before setting up her own company. “Its ambition is to create pleasant places to live, with clean lines, while respecting the original place and its history. Eve mixes genres and manipulates the art of sublimating objects“, we learn on the site that bears his name. Among his achievements, the decoration of the Muna trendy Asian restaurant located on the Champs Elysées.

Martin Kretz admiring his wife Eve Von Romberg

A demanding but exciting job. “As an architect, she has a really keen sense of observation and since we have known each other, she always asks me to raise my head when I walk, to look around me.confided the eldest Kretz in the podcast Power Torque. She is inspired by everything, all the time, everywhere, at every moment, whether during a walk in Paris or during our travels in search of inspiration and she allowed me to see things differently.“They both work a lot. And that's why moments together become rare… but precious.

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