“I’m in love with Cerise, I’m going to marry her”: singer Renaud, 71, announces he’s getting married and preparing a new album

Singer Renaud, 71, announced this February 1, 2024, during an interview with the daily La Nouvelle République, the preparation of a new album and to get married soon.

It's never too late. While Renaud will be on stage in Tours this Friday, the singer announced his major plans for this year 2024. The artist is currently preparing an album but also mentioned a union next May, according to revelations from The New Republic.

A wedding and an album

If the French singer has experienced highs, but also lows, he declares to be overcome by emotions and not the least. “What animates me most today is love,” he said in an interview with the regional daily. The opportunity for him to discuss his plans for the future.

Renaud does not lose his good habits by engaging, in an intimate way, in his songs, like “Morgue de toi”, where he talks about his daughter, “Boucan d'enfer”, where his breakup is discussed. And he recalled it: “it’s important to indulge”. He says he continues to write love songs for an album which should be released in 2025.

But an event awaits him in the coming months. I am in love with Cerise. I’m going to marry him… in May 2024!”, he confided. Cerise's real name is Christine, aged 44, but the artist gave her such a nickname, it's not for nothing. “She wears cherry earrings all the time.”he explained, in an article relayed by South Info.

A worrying state

If the next few days seem happy for Renaud, a few weeks ago, the singer's condition worried. His performance during a recent concert had particularly worried his fans. Filmed by spectators, Renaud appears very tired, having difficulty articulating, almost incapable of performing one of his most beautiful songs, “Winner Mistral”. Simple empty passage? Possible.

In any case, the 71-year-old singer assures that his last tour, “In my ropes” is easier to hold than the previous one. In an interview with La Dépêche, the artist believes that he “sings better” and claims, vape in hand, to have stopped drinking two and a half years ago and stopped smoking eight months ago. He welcomes it: “This is the first time I’ve lasted this long.”

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