Two years after the death of her father, Bernard Tapie, Sophie, barely a mother, is in mourning

“I still love you so much”. This is what Sophie Tapie wrote to her late dad, Bernard Tapie, on October 3, 2023, two years after his death from cancer. And Sophie Tapie, who had nevertheless managed to console her heart a little
when starting a family

sees him reduced to pieces again…

“I’m going to miss you terribly.”

On January 27, 2024, in story, Bernard Tapie's daughter shared a first photo of her little boy, named Caesar, and told him “finally here you are”. The 35-year-old young mother announced on February 2, 2024 that her dog, Elvis, had left at the age of 15…

On Instagram, sharing a photo of his faithful companion,
the daughter of Dominique Tapie

wrote : “Elvis, sock, bibissou, tafalla… I'm losing one of my oldest friends. I'm going to miss you terribly.”. A dog who was not unknown to the general public, since Sophie Tapie did not hesitate to take him everywhere with her.

Like her, her father was very attached to his dogs. As Michel Drucker confided about the Boss, they accompanied him throughout his illness, around his bed, and had extreme sensitivity to the state of health of their master…

In 2017, the businessman
had lost Boboy

, a sublime cane corso. He then confided to the journalist Franz-Olivier Giesbert: “Every weekend, I go to his grave in the countryside. A few stones with a plaque on them”. And to be moved at the time: “When I was feeling blue or tired, I would lie down and call my dog. He would come and cuddle up to me. After half an hour, I was completely revived: he had transmitted all his energy to me.”

“My wife and I, dogs drive us crazy.”

He then added: “My wife and I, dogs drive us crazy.” A legacy that he has visibly passed on to his daughter, who is also the mistress of
another dog, Zazou

which she collected at the SPA.


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