why is Francis Cabrel credited on his new single “6G”?

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More than three months after his last single to date “Sport Billy”, Booba is back. Indeed, the man nicknamed B2O, one of the leaders of French rap for almost three decades, has just released a new track called “6G”. A title that is in line with “3G” in 2014, “4G” in 2015 and “5G” in 2020. We can also note that each time, these pieces were released and heralded a new record from the Duke of Boulogne, respectively “DUC” and “Nero Nemesis” in 2015 as well as “ULTRA” in 2021. Now this, the tenth album in his discography, was to be the last of his career. What makes us wonder: will we soon see a return of Booba on a long format? It’s quite possible since he blurted out “ No one has died, if I have a new album there will be a worse attack » on “6G”!

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Francis Cabrel as a guest?!

While waiting to have the answer to this question, the 47-year-old French rapper demonstrates with “6G”, a track with a clip scheduled for 4 p.m., that time still has no influence on him. “ I don't want to die without a fight, bend over backwards / Call me on the app, we're going to speak in Japanese / Look at all these Zouaves, they're going to end up in GAV / We're going to dig holes to plug the gap / It's not you who decides / The winds rise, will make you change course » he raps to break up this epic production of Capotrck. But fans also noticed a surprising detail in the credits. As a composer, the name of a certain Francis Cabrel appears! But then, how did the legendary singer become involved in this story?

No, there was not really a collaboration (improbable on paper, it must be admitted) between the two artists. Indeed, if the singer with the mustache is credited on the title “6G”, it is quite simply because we find here a sample of his cult title “La corrida” – released in 1994 – at the beginning of the track . This discovery, however, surprised Booba's public. “ So this is unheard of “, ” Booba loves it too much Francis Cabrel “, ” What is this metaverse? “, ” I told myself that I recognized the tune at first “, ” Even Francis Cabrel is in the turfu ” Or ” True artist recognizes true artist » can we read in particular on the social network X, formerly Twitter. It now remains to be seen whether a real featuring between the two could possibly be considered one day? Not sure !

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