URGENT – François Bayrou announces in the evening to Agence France Presse that he will not join the government “for lack of deep agreement on the policy to follow” – He also indicates having declined the Ministry of the Armed Forces

François Bayrou indicated this evening to our colleagues at Agence France Presse that he “will not enter the government” for lack of “profound agreement on the policy to follow”, while the second part of the reshuffle is expected in the next few hours.

“There were two areas that seemed to me to deserve full commitment: the Ministry of Education, which today is experiencing a crisis of confidence that comes from afar and which I believed could be corrected. But numerous discussions “have led us to conclude that there is a difference in approach on the method to follow which seems prohibitive to me”, declared François Bayrou.

“The second subject is the gulf that has widened between the province and Paris, all the crises in regional planning and the now increasingly greater distance between citizens and public action. We “we were unable to find an agreement on these two points”, continued the president of MoDem, who said he also declined the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

Unlike his relatives, most of whom were convicted, the former minister and three-time presidential candidate was acquitted at first instance, Monday February 5, in the case of the MoDem parliamentary assistants.

The 11th correctional chamber of Paris concluded that there was “absence of any proof” that he was personally involved in the arrangement organized by his party to pay employees from the credits allocated to the parliamentary assistants of European deputies. “It’s a seven-year nightmare that has just ended,” said Mr. Bayrou, present at the announcement of the judgment.

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