VIDEO It starts today: Faustine Bollaert rarely breaks down, a young guest experienced the horror


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Since 2017, Faustine Bollaert has hosted the show “It begins today” on France 2. Always very professional, she has made sure to never break down in front of the sometimes terrible stories of her guests. However, a tragic story that happened to a teenager literally shook the host on February 9, 2024…

Faustine Bollaert breaks down and lets out a few tears in the show “It begins today” on France 2. © France 2

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Guest on the set of the show It starts today This Friday, February 9, 2024, a young woman named Isalys told her terrible story that occurred while she was on vacation at a campsite in Spain. “One evening we wanted to party on the beach, I wanted to leave for five minutes to go to the bathroom by myself, I lowered myself, a person followed me, he grabbed me by the hair and he raped me without protection“, she said, supported by her mother Manue sitting right next to her.

Facing the young woman, Faustine Bollaert couldn't help but fall in love with this story worthy of a true horror film. Worse, Isalys then experienced another trauma once she arrived at the hospital. The young woman explains: “The auscultation went very badly. They laid me down on a stretcher. I saw about ten people passing through my room. They asked me to take off my dress. They examined me, there were two gynecologists, three nurses, two forensic doctors, including men, and for me it was superhuman to do that. To have a gynecological exam, both paws in the air when I had just been raped and everyone was looking at my body… For me it's not possible.

She continues: “Obviously I had injections for different illnesses, they took samples from me, they found the DNA of my attacker. I received the results only the next morning and they also found internal and external lesions.

First time I see Faustine break down

A terrifying story which completely upset Faustine Bollaert who had almost never flinched since she hosted It begins today. An adventure that began seven years ago for the woman who was named “French favorite host” according to the 2023 ranking established by TVMagazine. But today, faced with the terrible words of his guest, the wife of Maxime Chattam could not hold back her tears.

On X, Internet users were also shocked by this story and touched by the sensitivity of Faustine Bollaert. “Even Faustine crying… but you lost me there”, “I managed to hold back, I saw Faustine's tears, I let it all go. I cried loudly”, “First time I see Faustine break down… The testimony is truly horrible, courage” some tweeters commented.

A testimony that Faustine Bollaert will not soon forget and the viewers of It starts today neither…

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