“I lacked love”: François Cluzet makes touching confidences in Les encounters du papotin


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François Cluzet was the guest of Rencontres du papotin this Saturday February 10 on France 2. The actor spoke about his parents, his youth but also his vision of love and its importance in his life. He spoke in a touching manner and admitted that he had been “looking for this” for a long time.

François Cluzet talks about the importance of love in his life in Les Rencontres du Papotin, on France 2. © France 2, Les Rencontres du Papotin

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Guest this Saturday February 10 on the show Les Rencontres du Papotinon France 2,François Cluzet , discussed many subjects including love. The one in particular that he carried to Marie Trintignant, his former partner who died under the blows of Bertrand Cantat in 2003. With her, he had a son, in 1993, whom they chose to baptize Paul. François Cluzet is also the father of Blanche, born in 1984 from his relationship with producer Chantal Perrin, but also of Joseph born in 2001, and of Marguerite, born in 2006, fruits of his love affair with Valérie Bonneton. Since 2011, the actor has been married to Narjiss Slaoui-Falcoz but did not hesitate to show the affection he had for Paul's mother.

“First of all she was an actress and therefore a partner and what I really liked about her was her fragility, her vulnerability, the fact that she was still almost a child in her head and that she was a fan of justice. She had suffered too, she had lost her sister and so she dreamed of a world without conflicts, and then finally fate put her in hostile arms…”confided with emotion the interpreter of Philippe in Untouchables. The latter also answered questions concerning his vision of love in general and spoke openly.

A tumultuous love life

“Why has your love life been tumultuous?”asked a young man present at the Arab World Institute where this issue of the Papotin meetings. François Cluzet, initially embarrassed, then responded in detail. “Because it is in the tumult that perhaps we are vulnerable, perhaps we find the listening of a person who is fragile to our sensitivity”, he began by explaining. He continued: “Love is that too, it’s finding a hand that takes you and then, to love is to want the fulfillment of the other, almost before your own…”.

“Tumultuous yes, because I had four children with three different women and that ultimately, I lacked love so I looked for it all my life”, he admitted. And to assure the assembly: “I still think that’s the most important thing”. The same person who asked him the initial question then spoke again to make another request. “Can't love sometimes make you blind? That is to say, when you are in love, you no longer see anything”, she wanted to know. François Cluzet indicated that he had another vision of this saying.

For him it is not exactly love that makes you blind but rather the happiness that results from it. “That's what they say (…) I believe that it's above all happiness that makes you blind, the happiness of no longer being alone, of sharing something”, he detailed. And to ask a rhetorical question: “Ultimately, what matters most? It’s sharing in life”. “All that is not given is lost. So the chance perhaps to meet someone whom we can appreciate, admire and then love and that it is also true the other way around. he concluded wisely.

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