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Since Monday September 25, 2023, Emilien continues to string together victories on the plateau of 12 shots of noon. The young 21-year-old student from Vendée already has a prize pool of 833,341 euros in winnings and gifts.

What follows for Emilien 12 shots of noon ?

From then on, a question arises: to what extent the champion of Jean-Luc Reichmann will he go? On this point, journalist Clément Garin made revelations via his account he excites every day before the 1 p.m. news.

>> The 12 strokes of noon : the elimination of Emilien announced by accident? The photo that sows doubt <<

“He is preparing to become the game's record holder, and will exceed 1,050,000 euros in winnings by May 21, with 240 victories. He will still not be eliminated, and will thus exceed the 1,026,000 euros won by Bruno Hourcade in 252 entries”said the former columnist of Cyril Hanouna In TPMP via the social network now led by Elon Musk.

Since the end of September 2023, Emilien has continued to impress aficionados of 12 shots of noon by his knowledge of general culture. The one to whom Jean-Luc Reichmann made a crazy offer has enriched his kitty with serial masterstrokes, but also with mysterious stars.

A few days ago, the young student achieved a new feat on the set of game that faced accusations of favoritism. He managed to win a mysterious seventh star by unmasking the personality hidden there, namely Kate Winslet. An act which allowed him to enhance his prize pool with an additional prize of gifts amounting to 36,609 euros.

A highly winning young champion for TF1

Emilien's impressive career is a highlight of TF1. Tuesday March 2, The 12 strokes of noon have once again allowed the private channel to reign supreme over lunchtime audiences. In detail, the game orchestrated by Jean-Luc Reichmann since 2010 was acclaimed by an average of 3.02 million viewers, or 38.4% of the entire public, according to figures from Médiamétrie.

The show, which went so far as to attract 4.2 million viewers, also made headlines for priority targets. Its market shares amounted to 28% among women under 50 responsible for purchasing, 26% among 25/49 year olds, 49% among 4/14 year olds and 45% among 15/24 year olds. Which, here too, leaves no chance for the competition!

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