Alain Souchon married to Françoise, he cheated on her with a very famous actress: “I was unhappy, but…”

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Passionate about singing, Douze coups de midi and Jul's discography, he dreams of participating in Fort Boyard despite his phobia of snakes and Father Fouras. His secret ambition? Discover what is hidden behind the mystery curtain of Bataille et Fontaine to sing there in a quartet. The truth is at the end of the corridor…

Married to Françoise since the 1970s, Alain Souchon was not always faithful. He found love on a film set in 1981…

Alain Souchon married to Françoise, he cheated on her with a very famous actress: “I was unhappy, but…”

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Love, he sings it, he plays it, he composes it… above all, he lives it. Alain Souchon is in a relationship with Françoise for decades. He married the woman who nicknamed Belote on November 20, 1971 and he has loved her like crazy ever since. They had two sons together, Pierre and Charles – better known under the pseudonym Bear. But their story has had its ups and downs. A disaster was narrowly averted in 1981 while he was starring in the film All fire all flames, by Jean-Paul Rappeneau, and that he was opposite a very famous actress. This is Isabelle Adjani.

Alain Souchon and Isabelle Adjani actually had a very strong love affair in the 1980s. This is what the singer tells biographer Jean-Dominique Brierre, in the book Alain Souchon: Life is theater and memories which is released on Thursday April 11, 2024 by Editions The Archipelago. “She wasn't yet the big star she became. She was building her career, remembers the 79-year-old artist in these few pages. I loved his tormented side. She was very, very beautiful and very, very complicated.”

Isabelle Adjani “sent shit” Alain Souchon

Even if they refused to admit it at the time, love at first sight was mutual between Isabelle Adjani and Alain Souchon. “At the beginning, we were in a relationship of seduction and frustration, he says. We were very in love with each other.” But of course, an obstacle prevented this love story from really blossoming: Alain Souchon was already married to Françoise. And when she understood that he would never leave his wife, Isabelle Adjani slammed the door on her heart forever. “She pissed me off, concludes the great friend of Laurent Voulzy. I was very unhappy, but that was fine.” Despite this “stormy moment”, Françoise managed to forgive this prank. It was destiny, no doubt, if her husband became so attached to their story…

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