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>> TPMP : these columnists who earn more than a minister and even Macron! Salaries are revealed <<

A beginner stronger than the experienced animators today

To compare, Cyril Féraud (rising star of France Télévisions) would today receive “only” 12,000 euros per month. Likewise, Naguiwhose experience and successes no longer need to be proven, would win between 72,000 and 95,000 euros per month. On the side of Nikoswhich appears omnipresent on our screens (Star Academy / The Voice) would oscillate between 50,000 and 100,000 euros per month. This is proof of Dechavanne's masterstroke at the time, he who still had everything to prove.

However, he assures: “Money has never been my first motivator.“However, faced with such an offer, he could not see himself refusing it, aware that it would change everything:”This salary was enormous, of course, and I was very happy with it because I was able to provide for lots of people and buy myself a country house.“But not only that. He would also have acquired a WTF vehicle: a helicopter… A real rich man's delusion.

Of course, this deal may have seemed crazy at the time, but it is clear that it has largely paid for itself over time. If the presenter must today settle for a supporting role in What era on France 2, he has long been the king of audiences on TF1 with cult shows like Heaven, my Tuesday!, Hello, it's us!, The wheel of fortune

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