Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery: a happy event, already, a few hours after her hospitalization!


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Kate Middleton is back at Adelaide Cottage to recover from her scheduled abdominal surgery. The Princess of Wales finally has the right to take a deep breath.

Kate Middleton underwent abdominal surgery: a happy event, already, a few hours after her hospitalization!

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What a joy to finally find your loved ones. On January 16, 2024, Buckingham Palace announced that Kate Middleton was taken to the London Clinic to undergo a planned abdominal operation. After spending 13 days in the medical establishment, and meeting his father-in-law there, the King Charles IIIwho came to solve a problem of enlarged prostate in the same place – for financial reasons ! -, Prince William's wife finally has the right to a little rest at home. And a little happiness.

Wednesday January 31, 2024 was actually the birthday of Carole Middleton, Kate's mother. There is no doubt that the latter came to find her daughter, accompanied by her husband Michael, to celebrate her 69th birthday! The Princess of Wales returned to her home, Adelaide Cottage, after leaving the London Clinic on Monday January 29. Carole Middleton has also spent time with family in recent days, at her home in Bucklebury in Berkshire. Particularly with his grandchildren, the Prince George10 years old, Princess Charlotte8 years old and Prince Louis, 5 years. As reported Hello!she actually gave Prince William a helping hand during this somewhat complicated period – just like nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo did!

Kate Middleton finally finds George, Charlotte and Louis!

Happy to be able to hug her mother, Kate Middleton nevertheless had to deal with a little disappointment when she found Adelaide Cottage in Windsor. Her three children, whom she dreamed of finally seeing again, after days of having to make do with video calls, were at school when she returned home. And we had to wait a long time for them. Fortunately, she will have time to enjoy it. The princess had to cancel all the events on her schedule and should only reappear after Easter. Prince William has also lightened his schedule.

The prince and princess returned home for the convalescence period to continue. She is already making great progressexplains a Kensington spokesperson. The Prince and Princess would like to thank the entire team at the London Clinic, especially the nurses for the great care they provide. Wales' family is very grateful to have received so many wishes for a speedy recovery from all over the world.

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