“I took these risks in their place”: the former property administrator of the princely family of Monaco gives his version

For more than twenty years, Claude Palmero occupied a strategic position, to say the least, with the princely family of Monaco. He was the administrator of the property of the sovereign family of the principality. Only, on June 6, 2023, he was dismissed by the prince Albert of Monaco. “I have decided to terminate your functions as administrator of my property and the Sovereign Household. (…) I remind you of your obligations of confidentiality and reserve regarding everything you have had to manage“, would have written the prince in a letter revealed by our colleagues from World.
When leaving the principality, he will have left with explosive notes on the various affairs of the family of Albert of Monaco. Notes which would have been made available to our colleagues at World.

In their investigation, we learn that Claude Palmero would have been a “nominee” for transactions and purchases of goods. Thus, he would have acquired certain property in his name which would have in reality been intended for several members of the princely family.
According to him, it was “by dedication” And “to avoid risks to the prince and the princely family. I took these risks in their place, obviously in agreement or at the request of the prince“, he would have explained.

Albert of Monaco's lawyer denounces the actions of Claude Palmero

Only, the lawyerAlbert II denounces these actions:he had organized a system by which he paid French taxes before re-invoicing it to the family members concerned“.
He had become the obligatory intermediary in all important transactions relating to the real estate principality. When he was fired, he left his office at the palace with five secret notebooks in which he explained all his operations for 22 years. We said to ourselves that there was something to tell behind the scenes in the principality“, explained Gérard Davet, one of the journalists in the investigation, in Title à la Une, the daily podcast from BFMTV.

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