Prince Harry prepares to take the plane to go to the bedside of his father Charles III, suffering from cancer

Prince Harry boards a plane at Aberdeen Airport. (London, September 9, 2022.)

Currently in California, the Duke of Sussex will fly to the United Kingdom “in the coming days”, an anonymous source indicated in the Daily Mailthis Monday, February 5.

He remained silent during the respective hospitalizations of his father and Kate Middleton. Behind the scenes, the Prince Harry would nevertheless have sent his wishes for a speedy recovery to Charles III, recently operated on for benign prostatic hypertrophy, and to the Princess of Wales, who underwent “planned abdominal surgery”. Both have since been released from hospital. And this, without the Duke of Sussex, currently in California, having gone to their bedside. Meghan Markle's husband, however, reacted very quickly when he learned that his father was suffering from cancer, as announced by Buckingham Palace on Monday, February 5.

Prince Harry should put their differences aside and fly to the United Kingdom “in the coming days”, announced a source close to the latter in the columns of the Daily Mail . “The duke spoke about this diagnosis with his father,” said the witness. He will be flying to the UK in the coming days to see Her Majesty.” According to the Buckingham Palace press release, it was during the monarch’s hospitalization that “another cause for concern was noted.” “Subsequent tests established a form of cancer,” the document specifies. Her Majesty today began a program of regular treatments, during which doctors have advised her to postpone her public engagements.”

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State Affairs

The life in pictures of King Charles III

The palace specifies that the sovereign remains in charge of state affairs. “The king is grateful to his medical team for their rapid intervention, made possible thanks to his recent hospitalization. He remains completely positive about his treatment, and looks forward to fully fulfilling his public commitments as quickly as possible.” Before continuing: “Her Majesty has chosen to share her diagnosis to avoid any speculation and in the hope that it may contribute to the public's understanding of all those around the world who suffer from cancer.” The nature of this cancer has not been specified, but is not linked to the benign operation he underwent last week.

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