This Thread On Men At Shopping Waiting For Their Wives Is Funny

Ever heard the ancient prophecy that taking a man shopping means discovering him in a corner, pondering the meaning of life while you are on a quest for the perfect outfit? Sure, there might be a rebel or two, but let's be real – there's a sprinkle of truth in that age-old tale. And guess what? We've got the receipts. Curious about what the living embodiment of boredom and despair looks like? Behold, the exclusive Reddit gallery showing men stuck in the vortex of partner-induced shopping. These poor chaps seem like they've lost all sense of time – they can't recall even if they've been waiting for hours or if they accidentally stumbled into a time loop.

In one corner, we have the master of the stone-cold poker face, a man who's decided to channel his inner statue, pretending the shopping chaos is but a mirage. Meanwhile, in the other corner, a gentleman who's embraced the floor and surrounded himself with a fortress of cushions – because if you're going to wait, might as well do it in style and comfort.

This one decided that the best defense is a good nap and has taken refuge behind a fortress of shopping supplies, using the cart as a barricade.


This seasoned gentleman has gracefully defied the conventional norms of shopping decorum, opting for the floor as his thinking throne.

Another has chosen the classic 'head resting on folded hands' pose as if pondering the very essence of existence and contemplating the regrets of being born into a world of endless aisles.

Our next protagonist has taken the term 'retail therapy' to a whole new level, choosing not just any spot for a nap, but the cozy haven of a couch amidst a pile of clothes.

Imagine stumbling upon the holy grail of relaxation – the mighty massage chair. Our retail warrior decides it's time to turn the mundane mall visit into a blissful nap session.

As these pictures were re-shared on Instagram, the comments section took a hilarious turn. A user quipped, “The first man has been waiting for 65 years.”

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  • Another chimed in with a global perspective, stating, “So this problem is worldwide.”

    An observing user added, “These were before everyone had iPhones.”

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    first published: February 05, 2024, 18:16 IST

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