Cancer of Charles III: Harry back in English lands, William has no intention of seeing him!


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Prince Harry left his California home, where he lives with Meghan Markle and their children Archie and Lilibet, to visit his father, Charles III, who has cancer. However, he is not expected to see his brother, Prince William.

Cancer of Charles III: Harry back in English lands, William has no intention of seeing him!

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THE Prince Harry headed for London where he landed early this Wednesday afternoon. His wife Meghan Markle and their two children, Archie and Lilibet (4 and 2 years old) remained in California, in their home located in Montecito. This hasty arrival follows the press release published Monday by Buckingham Palace, which announced that the monarch was suffering from “an illness”.form of cancer“, discovered during his surgery for enlarged prostate. On the afternoon of this Tuesday, Harry saw his father in a short interview that lasted less than an hour, before the king and his wife Camilla left Clarence House by car, heading towards Buckingham Palace. The royal couple then boarded a helicopter towards Sandringham, where the sovereign will continue his convalescence after starting treatment for cancer.

Recently, we learned from The Mirror that Harry blames himself to be on bad terms with his family, especially with his brother. And that he would intend to ease tensions. The opportunity would therefore be found here, since he is back in England. Only, our colleagues from Daily Mail report that no meeting is planned between them, neither in the coming hours nor in the coming days. THE Prince William would currently be too concerned about the state of health of Kate Middleton, who is slowly recovering from her abdominal surgeryand who will not resume his functions before Easter.

William resumes his official commitments

He also has a busy schedule as he is due to return to public duties tomorrow, carrying out an investiture at Windsor Castle in the morning before attending a gala for the London Air Ambulance Service in the evening. According to the Daily MailHarry would have been very “happy“to see his brother again. And that”If the opportunity to see the Prince of Wales had presented itself, the Duke would have gladly accepted it.“Which means that if they ultimately can't see each other, it's not Harry's fault.

However, it could be that the latter will be understanding towards his brother, because there is a chance that Kate Middleton's state of health is more alarming than expected. It is at least the analysis of Stéphane Bern For Paris Match : “I am more taken aback by Kate's medical problems and her very long recovery. This remains a mystery whereas for Charles III, things are said more clearly.

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