Inès Reg divorced from Kevin Debonne: soon to be back “together”, she explains!


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Actress and comedian Inès Reg is off to a flying start in 2024, between “Dancing with the Stars” and “Mask Singer”. Her private life was also put in the spotlight with the announcement of her divorce from Kévin Debonne, which saddened her fans. Unless they don't stay away for too long…

Inès Reg divorced from Kevin Debonne: soon to be back “together”, she explains!

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Inès Reg's professional life has been very busy in recent months. The 31-year-old comedian is part of the cast of Dance with the stars as well as that of Mask Singertantalizing adventures of which she speaks with joy in the pages of 7 Days TV, magazine of which she is on the cover. On the private side, the artist also experienced a recent upheaval which she spoke about with great sincerity and emotion: her divorce from Kévin Debonne. What are their relationships today? She says more for the specialized television magazine.

Inès Reg asked that Kévin Debonne, now her ex-husband after five years of marriage, put glitter in his eyes. Their story is over but they continue to maintain strong ties since he wrote the comedy with the comic actress in the leading role, Les Infallibles, broadcast on Prime Video. She described this feature film with, obviously, humor: “These are two police officers, one from Paris, one from Marseille, who will have to collaborate on a very big case. When I talk about it, I always tell the ending so I'll stop there!

Inès Reg and Kévin Debonne, a divorce with glitter in the heart

It was in January that Inès Reg jointly announced their divorce with Kévin Debonne. In the caption of her post where we saw them returning to where their love story began, she wrote: “You and I gave a new definition to the word divorce. It's loving yourself without wanting to hurt yourself. To respect each other. Leaving each other to keep only the best. We loved each other. We don't regret anything. It's a magical memory. We end in the most beautiful way. Saying goodbye to the lovers we were, to the place where we said yes to each other.

Inès Reg host? She already has everything in mind

When Inès Reg takes stock of all her participations on television, she says she has made all her dreams come true. However, there is one left for him: to host his own show? In Télé 7 Jours, she explains the idea she has in mind: “I dream of a game in the form of an evening with friends, at home. A delirium which would mix well-known personalities and candidates who came to play with their favorite stars. We would make teams and it would be completely crazy!

Case to follow for the hyperactive Inès Reg!

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