PHOTOS Eve Gilles ravishing in metallic pants, a Miss France madly in love nearby


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Eve Gilles attended the Prix de France Speed ​​Race 2024 at the Vincennes Hippodrome on February 11, 2024. She met a colleague from the Miss France team there.

PHOTOS Eve Gilles ravishing in metallic pants, a Miss France madly in love nearby

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Certainly, Eve Gilles always meets stars during her appearances… even when she chooses to show off in the horse racing world. On Sunday February 11, 2024, the one who attracted all the attention was not an actor, a singer or an artist. It was a proud steed. Our current Miss France actually went to the Vincennes Hippodrome to attend the Prix de France Speed ​​Race 2024 and she had the chance to meet Idao de Tillard, the big winner of the day!

This is a superb trotter born in Orne. And a very great champion, above all. Idao de Tillard won the Prix d'Amérique two weeks ago and he broke the record for the Prix de France, on February 11, 2024 in Vincennes, with an excellent time of 1'09''4. In the presence of our Miss France 2024. It seems that nothing is stopping this horse rigorously trained by Thierry Duvaldestin and ridden by his son Clément Duvaldestin. This is his 29th victory in 39 races. “It's a very big crack“, admits the joker, admiringly, as reported France Blue.

Rain of Miss at the Prix de France Speed ​​Race 2024

Eve Gilles was able to come and congratulate the winner and pose with him – in magnificent metallic pants – just like the swimmer Jérémy Stravius ​​who was present at the Vincennes Hippodrome. She was not the only member of the Miss France team to attend the Prix de France Speed ​​Race 2024 since Rachel Legrain-Trapani, our former 2007 beauty queen, also attended the victory of Idao de Tillard and Clément Duvaldestin. She came accompanied by her dear and tender, her fiancé, the handsome Valentin Léonardwith whom she has been in a relationship since August 2019 and with whom she had a little boy, Andrea, on July 7, 2020. She is also the mother of Gianni, who was born on December 23, 2013 to her marriage with footballer Aurélien Capoue.

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