Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Tom Brady annoy Jennifer Lopez in funny Super Bowl ad

At the Super Bowl 2024, Ben Affleck was back with Part 2 of a new Dunkin' advertisement just a week after the first part featured at the Grammy. This time, some others were seen in the ad – Matt Damon, Tom Brady and wife, Jennifer Lopez.

At the Super Bowl 2024, Ben Affleck was back with Part 2 of a new Dunkin' advertisement (Dunkin'/YouTube)

The ad shows Affleck as a middle-aged rapper. “Last year she came to my work,” the Good Will Hunting star says of Lopez, referring to last year's Super Bowl ad in which she was seen pulling up to her husband who was working at the Dunkin' drive-thru. “Now I gotta show her what I can do.”

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Affleck is then seen walking into Lopez's recording studio. “What up, Bronx?!” Affleck asks Lopez. “For your consideration, here comes the Boston Massacre — the DunKings!” He then introduces New England Patriots quarterback Brady and his Good Will Hunting co-writer, Damon.

“Touchdown Tommy on them keys,” Affleck says of Brady. And “a man who needs no introduction — my partner.”

The camera then shows Damon, who looks embarrassed and says, “It's really hard to be your friend.”

The DunKings then perform a funny track which says, in part, “Why you Dunkin' me, girl?”

Damon says, referring to his very popular Good Will Hunting line, “How you like them donuts?,” following which he says, “I'm sorry.”

Brady then asks Lopez, “Are we gonna be on the album?!” Lopez, however, is not ready to have it. She tells her husband strictly, “We talked about this.”

It is unclear if there will be a Part 3 of this commercial. Publicity materials have referred to the ad as part of the 'Dunkin' Cinematic Universe.' They have also revealed that a new DunKings menu will be unveiled across the nation on Monday, February 12. This will include Affleck's first official drink, called the DunKings Iced Coffee.

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