PHOTOS Estelle Denis: Vacation in “paradise” with Marc Thiercelin, a surprise guest plays spoilsport…


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It's vacation time for Estelle Denis and Marc Thiercelin, who flew thousands of kilometers from France. The host and the navigator have a great time on a paradise island.

PHOTOS Estelle Denis: Vacation in “paradise” with Marc Thiercelin, a surprise guest plays spoilsport…

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If they do not live in the same city all year round, Estelle Denis and Marc Thiercelin meet regularly to spend their vacations together. The journalist and host, at the helm of the show Estelle noon on RMC, has been based in the Paris region for many years while her new darling has chosen the south of France and Toulon (Var). Last summer, they found themselves in Brittany. The opportunity for the 63-year-old sailor to impress his new companion with his courage.

This time, it is thousands of kilometers from France that the two lovebirds flew off for a vacation on a paradise island. Very active on Instagram, where she regularly publishes content and where she is followed by more than 105,000 subscribers, the ex of Raymond Domenech decided to head to Mauritius with Marc Thiercelin. The opportunity for the 47-year-old journalist to try a new sport and she obviously enjoyed it. In a photo shared in his story (which can be found in the slideshow), you can see Estelle Denis with her new partner and a friend enjoying a golf session. “First holes of life!”she exclaims, visibly happy to have been introduced to this new practice.

A guest plays the spoilsport

If the holidays are meant to be sporty, Estelle Denis and Marc Thiercelin also enjoy quieter moments together. In a photo taken at a local restaurant, the navigator, whose nickname is “Captain Marck”, can be seen sipping juice from a huge coconut outdoors. The couple, who offered each other luxury vacation on a beautiful romantic getaway as a couple in Italy last October, visited Mauritius and its superb beaches. “Paradise Day 3”, indicates the host on a photo of a pretty local beach. What they didn't expect was that a surprise guest would come and play the party favor for their reunion in paradise. The rain actually swept Mauritius for a few hours. Nothing to spoil the couple's stay, fortunately!

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