PHOTO Top Chef 2024: Paul Pairet unrecognizable without his cap, we now know why he never takes it off!

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On television, nothing escapes him, from entertainment programs like Top Chef or Koh-Lanta, to more serious ones like television news or debate shows, nothing escapes him. In short, everything related to the small screen and the media is his domain.

Since joining the “Top Chef” adventure, Paul Pairet has never taken off his hat. Indeed, the 59-year-old famous chef has a special relationship with this headgear. But he made an exception, revealing himself one fine day with his head bare. Enough to explain why it always appears with it now.

PHOTO Top Chef 2024: Paul Pairet unrecognizable without his cap, we now know why he never takes it off!

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Already four years since Paul Pairet serves as brigade leader in Top chef. Indeed, during season 11 in 2020, he joined Hélène Darroze, Philippe Etchebest And Michel Sarran, since replaced by Glenn Viel. And at no time between his arrival on the air of M6 and today – while he leads the gray brigade with Glenn Viel and Philippe Etchebest during this 15th season currently being broadcast – has Paul Pairet appeared without his famous cap. A favorite accessory that is an integral part of her look… and we know why!

Paul Pairet posed without his cap 10 years ago

He takes care never to appear without his headgear. However, many years ago, the chef born in Perpignan and now based in Asia, where he has enjoyed incredible success, posed bareheaded.

It was June 2013, more than 10 years ago. Paul Pairet was on the cover of the magazine Gentleman, which highlighted his career as a chef in Shanghai. He appeared in a cook's coat… and without a hat! Leon's fatherborn from his love affair with his ex-wife Raldais then completely unrecognizable !

Why does Paul Pairet never take off his cap?

But if appearances without his cap are extremely rare, it's not for nothing. Paul Pairet wants to her fashion accessory… which allows her to hide her alopecia. “I haven't taken it off since I had less hair“, he declared in February 2020, when he had just arrived in Top chefto our colleagues at Parisian. And added: “When I change it, no one recognizes me. My cap is more famous than me.“He didn't think he was saying that well! Concerning this headgear that he never takes off, Paul Pairet spoke a little more: “It is cut like those of the Chinese army, Mao era. Even if I don't necessarily have a military approach.

Covering your head is common in the restaurant industry. But often, chefs wear toques, not caps. For Paul Pairet, it is a choice to leave aside this headgear specific to the kitchen. “It's not my thinghe confided to Parisian. And it's not very practical.“The chef and his cap still have good days ahead of them…

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