Inès Reg in tears in “DALS” faced with the arrival of the “mystery dancer”

Inès Reg in “Dancing with the Stars” on March 29.
Capture TF1 Inès Reg in “Dancing with the Stars” on March 29.

Capture TF1

Inès Reg in “Dancing with the Stars” on March 29.

DALS – The week has been full of emotion, and this Friday evening, Inès Reg gave it free rein. This Friday, March 29, the comedian was present on tray of DALS. A highly anticipated 5th bonus because it follows a week of controversy between the comedian and Natasha St-Pier. The theme of the evening was the “mystery” dancer, a surprise that deeply moved Inès Reg.

For this new evening, the dancer Christophe Licata and the comedian performed a contemporary rumba on the song If I get out of this by Julie Zenatti, a melancholic title whose lyrics are not insignificant. Inès Reg was focused on her performance but was shocked when her “mystery dancer” joined her on the floor to perform the final steps of the choreography.


It was her best friend Mickael Montadir, a comedian like her. Inès Reg had announced that she could “die of laughter” when she saw one of her friends “shirtless on the contemporary”. She finally couldn't hold back her tears. Before going to discover his grades, she told Camille Combal that he was not just her best friend but “ his brother “. Inès Reg's performance with Christophe Licata received a score of 35, allowing them to be in first place in the ranking.


Tension was at its height on the set of DALS since the beginning of the evening, despite the attempts of everyone to try to relax the atmosphere and in particular from Camille Combal. The latter had started the live broadcast by joking about the atmosphere “ Wisteria Lane » who had reigned over DALS this week with “ all these stories “.

As a reminder, the comedian is at the heart of a controversy between him and singer Natasha St-Pier. As revealed in an article in Parisian on Thursday March 21, and as confirmed by the two candidates, an argument about the sound volume during rehearsals had degenerated before the very first bonus on January 31. The Quebec singer filed a complaint against the comedian a few days later. Since the newspaper's revelations, the two candidates have been competing against each other via social networks.

Their presence on the floor of DALS was uncertain, until the start of the live broadcast.

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