this happy event which finally brings balm to the heart of the royal family

The arrival of spring brings happy news for the British royal family. Severely affected since the beginning of the year, with the initial announcement of Charles III's cancer, followed closely by that of the Princess of Wales' cancer, the Windsor family welcomes good news at last. If England was impatiently awaiting the Easter holidays, hoping for a return on this date for Kate Middleton on the public stage, it was ultimately another happy announcement which was revealed by the British press.

A parenthesis of happiness opened by a newcomer

The Windsors thus find new life thanks to a new addition to the family, little Elodie, daughter of Tatiana Mountbatten, the distant cousin of King Charles III, born on September 20. The 33-year-old, who is none other than the daughter of George Mountbatten, former member of the House of Lords, and Sarah Walker, shared the announcement of the birth of her daughter on her Instagram account a month ago after her birth.

The event that brings the Windsors together in joy

Last month, this time it was the baptism of little Elodie which took place as she celebrated her six months. His mother opted on this occasion to a lovely ceremony at the church in honor of her baby, reveals the newspaper The Daily Mail. In a story posted on her Instagram account, Tatiana Mountbatten (…)

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