Nicolas Duvauchelle: “We are looking for a…”, this future life project with his partner

Between two shoots, it is in Paris that Nicolas Duvauchelle returns to his family life, alongside his three children (aged 18, 11 and 6), his parents and his fiancée, Chloé Roy.

With his partner, the 44-year-old actor, who can be found in the series Black hearts And Illegal citizenshas a very specific project for the future: a spring weddingbut not only…

Nicolas Duvauchelle's little routine

As soon as the end clap sounds on the set of filming, Nicolas Duvauchelle returns to Paris where he divides his time between his numerous activities, alone, in pairs or with family. At the weekend, the actor stars in the film The kings of the tracktakes Brazilian jujitsu classes when he is in good shape, and then picks up his son Andrea, aged 6, from his mother's house, to go to his parents for lunch every other weekend.

A fan of poker around fifteen years ago, he is now a fan of board games, a passion that he shares with his parents and his three children. At 44 years old, Nicolas Duvauchelle don't hide it, “club nights are over for me“, he smiles, sending away at the same time the worldly affairs, to which he prefers”dinners with friends or going to see a show“, a dinner in a gourmet restaurant once a month with his fiancée, or when he's not going out, a program”TV series at home“.

A life project that will change everything

If Paris remains his anchor point, it is however for an elsewhere located four hours' drive from the capital that Nicolas Duvauchelle's heart beats: the Brittany. The actor thus admits leaving Paris with Chloe as soon as they can to go to Ploërmel, in Morbihan, in the his in-laws' restaurant. “As soon as I have four or five days free, I go there with the children, or just with my partner“, he explains.

On the program for these regular stays in Brittany, walks at Lac au Duc, in the abbeys or in Branféré park. “It really gives me a break from Parisian life” he confides, because in his eyes, “in Brittany, people are more authentic“His attachment to this region is such that outside of filming, Nicolas Duvauchelle sometimes goes there for two months and plans to settle there permanently. “We are looking for a house” explains the actor whose marriage to Chloé is planned for the spring, because the actor is already planning, “we will surely end up living there“.

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