Denis Brogniart operated on: the host underwent an intervention in a very delicate area

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Hiding nothing from his community on his social networks, Denis Brogniart revealed to everyone's surprise this Saturday March 30, 2024 that he had undergone an eye procedure. To reassure her on all points, the emblematic host of “Koh-Lanta” even immortalized her recent medical examination.

Denis Brogniart operated on: the host reveals in photos a very meticulous intervention, in a very delicate area

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Denis Brogniart can pride itself on having marked the history of the PAF. It's been more than twenty years since the flagship host of TF1 takes pleasure in animating Koh Lanta. Passionate about travel, he particularly likes to go into exile each year on the other side of the world with his teams and the candidates to put together countless numbers of the famous program. Naturally being a public figure, the happy father of four children also interacts with his admirers on his social networks.

Saturday March 30, 2024, the presenter certainly worried his loyal subscribers. And for good reason, according to his rather unexpected publication, he recently underwent an eye procedure. Without revealing the nature of his ailments, the husband of Hortense Brogniart wanted to share this important information himself: “Thanks to Professor Damien Gatinel. Trusting your eyes is not easy“. The opportunity for him to salute the work of the doctor with whom he proudly posed in his office: “Impressed by the thoroughness of the intervention.

Denis Brogniart wants to be reassuring

In his story, Denis Brogniart also immortalized his “control visit“after his”eye operation“to reassure its community:”Nothing serious ! Thanks to Professor Damien Gatinel for this expert work“. Rest was certainly in order for the main person concerned. At just 56 years old, the latter is constantly on all fronts to ensure multiple shoots for the A.

When he is not leading reports for TF1, Denis Brogniart is there to host Koh Lanta. This cult adventure game fascinates him on many levels. “In life, I love travel, surpassing myself, competition and adventure. All this put together, we are not far from the concept of Koh-Lanta (laughs)“, he analyzed for Diverto and conclude with transparency: “I feel good with these people with whom I have worked for twenty years, they are a family, and I do not feel any weariness, because I am the first viewer and the first fan of the adventure“.

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