Victoria Mehault pregnant: she reveals the video of the announcement of her pregnancy to her partner

This Sunday, March 31, Victoria Mehault shared a video on her Instagram account in which she reveals the announcement of her pregnancy to Loren, her boyfriend.

For almost a year, Victoria Mehault enjoys perfect love with her new companion, Loren. To preserve it as much as possible, the reality TV star decided to hide her identity on social networks. But this March 17, she finally decided to present it to her communitythrough a video that she published on her Instagram account.

This is not the only surprise she has in store for her fans! On March 28, Victoria Mehaultknown to the public since her participation in the show The people of Marseilles in the Caribbean in 2020, announced wonderful news. She is pregnant with her first child ! So, we didn't expect it… The 25-year-old young woman shared a series of black and white photos of her and her boyfriend, holding an ultrasound in their hands.

Victoria Mehault shares the announcement of her pregnancy with her partner

“Energy close to nothing and a prolonged stay in the toilet for three and a half months, but it’s worth it. PS: we are as shocked as you », she wrote in a comment, always with a touch of humor. A publication which sparked many reactions. But for some fans, this announcement seems quick, considering they've only been together for a short time. It's not a question of time but of feeling. I knew from the start that it was him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, so why wait??? »she replied.

But how did she announce her pregnancy to her partner? This Sunday March 31, the star of reality show decided to share this magnificent sequence on his Instagram feed. At the start of the video, she can be seen in her bathroom, hands trembling, discovering that her pregnancy test is positive. She also added images of her first ultrasoundfor a few seconds, then ended her montage with the moment where she announces her pregnancy to Loren. ” You're pregnant ? (…) My love… “, he exclaimed upon discovering the test. Just after, the couple burst into tears. Something to move Internet users!

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