Trace Lysette shares funny stories & annoyances about her dating life

We as a community should be doing better… but do we?

Monica Super star Trace Lysette was featured as the latest guest on Katya's interview series with Grindr, Who's the A**hole?with new episodes dropping every week on YouTube.

During their interview, Katya and Lysette talked about their own experiences dating guys who are fully aware that they are drag queens (in Katya's case) or trans women (in Lysette's case). “Sometimes, once they know that you are one of the girls, it's like any kind of politeness is just out the window,” the Monica star explained. “They just go for whatever!”

Katya agreed, adding that there's just no chivalry in the dating scene when it comes to these men. Lysette recalled one interaction with a guy who just straight-up asked her, “'How's your head game?'” As Katya started crying from laughing so hard, Lysette went on with even more jokes: “(It's) trash, by the way . My head game's trash. You can get me head!”

They later go on to say that dating is just hard for everyonebut Katya acknowledges how “dating as a trans person must come with its own sort of unique set of challenges.”

When asked if she has any advice to share with other trans people, Lysette replied: “I'll speak as a post-op transexual woman with this Bangkok p**sy (laughs). It's wild. I feel like I live in The Twilight Zone sometimes. You know, I do get a lot of attention. However, it's conditional. (…) They don't always know the T. And then you tell them, and it either gets really sexual, or they're not with it, or they get upset, or they just don't care. You never know what you're gonna get!”

Lysette concluded, “Dating as a straight transexual woman with a vagina is complicated.”

The rest of the interview is filled with other hilarious moments, as well as more serious topics, as Katya asks Lysette about her year promoting Monica in the awards circuit and the actress talks about one guy she was dating whose bathtub looked like a massacre had just taken place in it.

Watch Trace Lysette's interview with Katya below — and tune into new episodes of Who's the A**hole? every Thursday on Grindr's YouTube channel.

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