Nicolas Puech: The heir of the Hermès group adopts a 51-year-old man to leave him his fortune of several billion euros

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But who really is this couple, so scrutinized in the Hermès family? While the succession of the family fortune has been an issue for several years, it is that of Nicolas Puech, the great-grandson of the founder of the luxury house, which is causing debate in the clan. At 81 years old, this “single uncle” has in fact made an unexpected decision: to cancel the provision which gave all his fortune to an association created in the 90s… to entrust everything to his Moroccan henchman!

And that's not all: to entrust this enormous sum, which would represent around 12 billion euros, Nicolas Puech would need to make it his heir. So… to adopt it ! A project in which he was invested, according to our colleagues at Paris Match who investigated this unexpected family story: the octogenarian would have gone to Morocco, where the parents of Jadil, now in his fifties, live to convince them to give up their parental rights!

A request accepted and which could well result in the adoption of “gardener“Moroccan if it has not already been done? – and that the inheritance returns to him. Of course, for some, the decision does not pass: while certain relatives began to worry about a “influence link“of Jadil and his wife Maria on Nicolas Puech, as well as their”disproportionate place” in his life (a report was even made in December 2023 to the Child and Adult Protection Authority of the Entremont district), the octogenarian refuses criticism and assumes: it is up to them that he wants to leave everything.

A close family

It must be said that their relationship is particularly important to him: in 1992, while Nicolas Puech, a man “a little different, free, adorable, with very refined tastes and sparking endless fits of laughter“, according to his relatives, is in Seville, he meets Jadil, a young Moroccan of 20 years who “break stones“and who can neither read nor write.

The two men hit it off, so much so that Nicolas Puech decided to “educate him“and make him his henchman.”Jadil learned everything so well, including how to behave and converse pleasantly, that after having served at the table for a while, he ended up sitting there.“, summarizes a relative, who saw, at the time, the bond between the two growing. And when Maria, a Spaniard from the community of travelers, entered Jadil's life in 2002, she joined the family and became even “the assigned nurse” of the old man. Parents of two children now, they still live with him and benefit from his very generous donations: not long ago, Nicolas Puech notably entrusted 64 million euros to Jadil and several houses around the world.

And if today their relationship is “widely accepted“In the family, some are worried when they see the amounts entrusted… and this story is far from over!

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