Nigerian Lady Shows Her Husband's Funny Obsession with Buying Random Things from Street Hawkers

  • A Nigerian lady revealed her husband's habit of purchasing items from street vendors every time he went out
  • He returned home with two mop heads and some palm leaf bags, which made his wife laugh
  • He seemed delighted as if he had acquired rare treasures, while his wife recorded him on video

A Nigerian lady took to social media to share her husband's amusing habit of buying random items from street hawkers every time he went out.

On one occasion, he cam back home with two mop heads that looked new, and some woven bags made from dried palm leaves, which he proudly displayed to his wife.

Photo of husband who is fond of buying things on traffic
The husband was excited about the things he bought. Photo credit: @yuchelsthedesigner/TikTok
Source: TikTok

He seemed overjoyed, as if he had found some precious gems in the traffic, while his wife captured him on video and couldn't help but laugh at how unnecessary and useless his purchases appeared to be.

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She wondered what he was going to do with the mop heads and the palm leaf bags, and teased him about his strange obsession with street shopping.

Watch the video below: compiled some of the reactions below:

Slim said:

“See how I am smiling Ontop person husband..chineke parakwatule.”

Uchechi Uche responded:

“God go kuku give you your own soon.”

Bae like Ani:

“Screaming my father my father specializes in buying random things too, sometimes he will even buy animals.”


“The rattan bags are really nice.”


“I love the beach bag.”


“Atleast he is buying something home.”


“No but the open handbag is low key cute though.”

Great Adaeze:

“That's my guy for u he can buy anything let it just be a color u have he will look for the match.”

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